Booking Policy

This booking agreement serves as a legally binding contract between Hair Etc by Vee, LLC and you, “The Purchaser” and/or “Client”. These terms can be interchangeable as they can refer to the actual person being serviced or the person purchasing on behalf of the person being serviced. This agreement stands unless voided by Hair Etc by Vee, LLC also referred to as “Salon”. Any appointments scheduled will be held to the agreement set forth and any future appointments unless in writing.

You, the purchaser, agree to the following:

Due to Covid-19, all clients are susceptible to following the state and federal regulations that allow Hair Etc by Vee, LLC to remain open and operational. Any person(s) not following the new guidelines risk indefinite removal from the salon.



  • ANYONE entering the salon is RECOMMENDED TO WEAR A FACIAL COVERING except while being shampooed

  • Facial services are limited to eyebrow arching and lash extensions at this time

  • If you feel you have any symptoms of Covid, you are required to notify us immediately, your appointment will immediately be canceled, and your deposit will be transferred to a new appointment (1-time allowance)

  • If you have had Covid, you assist or work with any Covid positive people or around elderly and people at high risk, you are required to show proof of negative test results by emailing the salon at or by using the chat feature on the Wix app, otherwise, your appointment will be canceled and no refund will be returned (results must be dated within the last 14 days prior to your appointment)



Deposits are as follows:

  • Hair services: $25 down non-refundable (remainder due at checkout)

    • Sundays: $25 convenience fee non-refundable (full balance due at checkout)

  • 50% down on any services such as but not limited to Keratin treatments, Specialty Sew-ins, hair extension or custom wig purchases, and invisible crochet.

  • Any standalone service (i.e. eyebrow arching) that is less than or equal to the deposit amount will be charged in full at time of booking.

  • Gift cards, gift certificates, credit accounts, and loyalty points cannot be used to hold deposits; they can only go towards the service at checkout. 

  • Hair Assessment analysis appointments are charged the full $25 upfront. All new clients—have never been to us or existing clients—who haven’t had an appointment in 6 or more months are REQUIRED to schedule this service BEFORE you can schedule a service appointment

  • Same-day appointments: Full amount charged upfront (allowed via phone only, not guaranteed available)

  • After 15 min grace period: charged as a no-show. If contacted prior to 15 min grace period, a possibility to reschedule or still arrive may be available based on the availability of the service provider

Any appointments scheduled in error will not be refunded for the deposit amount. It is the duty of the purchaser to make sure the appointment is scheduled properly with the correct service(s) on the correct date and time.

All canceled appointments are subject to the charges as follows:

                An appointment cancellation is considered any appointment that has been confirmed canceled by speaking directly with the service provider or canceled via the cancellation link attached to the email you received when you booked. The client will receive a confirmation of cancellation when this method is used. If an email was not returned to you, the appointment was not canceled. Voicemails, emails, and texts are NOT accepted as cancellations and will be considered a no-show which will result in the full amount of the scheduled service to be charged.

  • Cancellation fee: $25 or 50% (whichever was charged to hold the appointment)

Booking Agreement between Hair Etc by Vee, LLC (“Salon”) and Purchaser (“Client”) 

  • No-call/no-show: 100% charged according to service. No exceptions. If you claim to have canceled without the confirmation of the service provider, your service will still be charged as a no-show.

  • All deposits serve as the cancellation fee towards scheduled appointments.

  • Rescheduled appointments must be rescheduled within ONE WEEK of the original appointment and no less than 24 hours prior to the new service to transfer the deposit. If the rescheduled service is AFTER one week of the original appointment, a new deposit will be charged to hold the new slot.



Everyone is allowed a 15 min grace period as we know things happen. The grace period is not to extend past 15 min, or you are considered late and therefore forfeit your deposit and will be charged as a no show. This is for the consideration of other patrons. If you feel you will be late PRIOR to your appointment, please contact your service provider and CONFIRM that it is acceptable. Only the service provider can allow the service to be performed after the 15 min grace period if the previous steps were followed.



Our intent is for each customer to be 100% satisfied with our services. Returns, refunds, and exchanges are limited to the following situations: 

  • Services received cannot be refunded. We will do all we can to fix the possible mistake including but not limited to another service of equal or lesser value. If you feel an error was made on behalf of the salon, please let us know within 2 days of services rendered. We cannot be held responsible for services performed beyond 2 days as we are unaware of what steps were taken by the client after the fact. WE WILL NOT FIX ALTERED WORK or work that has been tampered with prior to contacting us.

  • Products can only be refunded if unused, in its original packaging, or if ordered product was the incorrect item. If product is opened, used, or altered it will not be accepted as a return or exchange.

  • No refunds, exchanges, or substitutions are given for gift cards and gift certificates because they are purchased by the purchaser for a client/customer. Please make sure ALL items on the certificate are correct before order completion.


Please remove any twists, coils, braids, or extensions prior to your appointment. We reserve the right to apply a $35+ upcharge to hair that is excessively tangled, matted, or braided. We also reserve the right to cancel/reschedule your session if we are unable to complete your session within your allotted service time.


Booking Agreement between Hair Etc. by Vee, LLC (“Salon”) and Purchaser (“Client”) 

In consideration of other patrons, no other guests or children, unless being serviced are allowed. Clients arriving with guests or children will not be allowed to continue with their service unless approved by the salon PRIOR to the appointment. In any other event, a new appointment and deposit will be required. We want to respect all patrons and offer them a stress-free and relaxing environment.

Please feel free to text your heart out! We just ask that you be respectful of others and use earbuds during your service.


What to expect from Hair Etc by Vee, LLC:

  1. We promise to remain knowledgeable in ALL services that we offer. If the service isn’t offered by us, it is because we feel uncomfortable performing such task that may hurt the integrity of your hair.

  2. We will not suggest services to make a profit or to increase our overall ticket price but to make sure that your hair receives the best hair care possible. Not only do we want the best for your hair, but we want growth for ALL.

  3. We will treat ALL prospective clients and current clients with respect. If you feel any conversation or topic is off limits or too much for you, please let us know and we will refrain from said topics.

  4. We will ask questions to get to know you as a person and client, which will allow us to know what services to recommend based of what we have learned.

  5. We will let everyone have the opportunity to learn how to care for their hair in and out of the salon, receive special discounts and partake in promotions. Fine print is always available.

  6. Our prices can and will change without notice but we will ensure that whatever price the service, you will receive the BEST outcome possible.

  7. All rules will apply to everyone regardless of the standing level of the client. No family, friends or other will be treated differently as all clients deserve our best.

  8. We will do our best to uphold the time limits required for each service and to not keep you waiting for unreasonable time limits. You will NEVER spend an entire day waiting to get your hair done here.

What we expect from you:

  1. Each client be aware of the agreement and rules set forth in Hair Etc by Vee, 1010 S Clinton Ave 14620

  2. The failure to take heed to such terms is at the expense of the purchaser and/or client.

  3. You keep our time and other clients scheduled before or after you in mind. Please allow reasonable time to cancel so the slot can be filled. 1 hour before isn’t acceptable.

  4. We want you to enjoy yourself, feel relaxed, and open to speak your mind.

 By scheduling a reservation (via telephone, app, online), the purchaser, agrees to our terms and salon policies, and agrees to honor any attempts made by Hair Etc. By Vee, LLC™ to collect any associated fee(s).

Modified 04/04/2022